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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Request for Help

Dear all,

So many things have happened since my last post on this blog. I have recently gotten an opportunity to complete my dissertation at Newcastle University and work with many wonderful second language acquisition and bilingualism researchers (and students). If you know me, then you would know my fascination with languages and with how people learn to read and write in more than one language. Through my research, I hope to help English teachers in a classroom filled with bilingual/multilingual students understand how their students' language background can influence the kinds of errors they make when learning English. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and I hope to be able to get your support to achieve my dream! In turn, I hope to be able to inspire others, especially Muslim girls, to keep learning and to seek higher education, for education is a strong empowering tool.

If you would like to show your support by contributing to my education fund, please visit my funding page here or click on the widget above. If you have PayPal, my ID is siti.syuhada@gmail.com (so the website won't get a cut). The money will go towards part of my living expenses in the UK, so any amount that you give, even $1, will help a lot. 

Everyone's generosity, kindness, as well as words of encouragement and support thus far have motivated me to work even harder so that I can pay all of it forward. I thank all of you in advance from the bottom of my heart and I pray that you will be rewarded with much more than what you have given me. 



Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012


- Seattle, 2011 -

Haven't been updating this blog for a while now, and what better time to update than today, the last day of 2011? :)

2011 has been a much better year than 2010, in terms of health, and more, alhamdulillah. :) Of course, there were downs, but how could I not be grateful even during those tough times? Alhamdulillah for all of His blessings, which come in various ways. Alhamdulillah for my family and friends, for all of their company, listening ear, and help when I needed it. Alhamdulillah for finishing my second Master's (as a friend always likes to remind me of it, though I still haven't seen the significance of having these paper degrees). Alhamdulillah for finishing 2.5 years of my PhD program, and may Allah SWT give me the strength and perseverance to see through it, ameen! Alhamdulillah for everything, especially the little things, alhamdulillah

I pray that 2012 will be even better and filled with lots of travels, photos, happy moments, and laughter, ameen. :) As usual, I would like to repeat the du'a I have made during the previous years: May Allah SWT continue to look after me as He has done thus far, and bless me with spiritual peace, guiding me along the right path in every decision I make, and as an added bonus, to a soulmate, ameen. May He also make me closer to Him, such that everything I do is for His pleasure, and His pleasure alone, ameen

Here's to an absolutely blessed 2012, and again, may everyone find peace, love, wisdom, and happiness! :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

- Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis, 2010 -

Wednesday, June 01, 2011